Thursday, August 18, 2016

Learning As I Go

Well I am a beginner at weaving and have purchased my first loom. This loom was made in the late 1940's. It although in need of a good cleaning is a great loom very sturdy and in great shape. I found lots of dirt and some unknown green stuff on the treadle strings so I decided to replace them.

Ha, I have not done this before but I thought I could do it with all the research I've done.

Well after getting mostly done I discovered that I have put the treadle strings in the wrong position for what I want to do.... pppfffftttttt

After spending plus two hours of measuring, tying and threading the treadles and lam I needed a break....

Monday, July 4, 2016

Broken Strings

Update: While looking over my new loom I found this small hairline fracture. So I called Bob at Gilmore looms in Stockton California and asked what could be done. He basically said nothing can be done but it is slight and will not crack more if I am careful. He said this crack was caused by allowing part of the loom to hit the floor and said that this is very common with this loom.

Excitedly enough I did find out more information on this loom from Bob.

The loom is an x-frame loom built between the late 1940's to early 1950's. The loom was purchased by Lois Ericson in the 1970's and in 1989 by her daughter and now 2016 by me. It still needs some deep cleaning but I love that this 60+ year old loom has been used by many over the years.

I am anxious to get started using it but in the mean time I have to finish my towel pictured below
I was going fast and furious thoroughly enjoying myself loving the repetitive movement today and I made a good bit of cloth until....
My selvage snapped. I was warned about making sure to keep an eye on it but... sadly I forgot to watch it... Now I have to figure how to fix it. So needless to say my weaving momentum came to a screeching halt... I will have to look at it later after I have studied a bit on how to fix it :-) Loving each step of the way... Even the parts that cause me to stop lol

Sunday, June 26, 2016


I have finally saved up enough money to purchase my new (used) loom. I am soooooooo Excited! My very first loom.... My heart is so happy. This loom is older than 30 years but solid as a rock and I can hardly wait to break it in! I know it does not look like much here because its all folded up and partly disassembled but that will be fixed very soon lol

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Lessons From The Loom

I have been having so much fun weaving but as a new weaver I have learned some very valuable lessons. Here is my finished sample... Against the advice from my teacher I cut the sampler off the loom... I realized that after doing that that I am wasting a bunch of thread that way but! I thought well if I don't make mistakes I will not learn.
This picture was my sampler coming off the loom. I have decided to make several samplers and a towel or two.
All cut, now to take it off and wash it

Now I have to retie the warp thread back onto the loom. In the picture above there are 20 warp threads per tie... I thought it was to many so I retied twelve warp threads each as I tied them all back up

Every thing looks pretty good so far. This is actually my first time tying the warp to the loom. My teacher did mine last time as a class demonstration so now I wanted to see how it worked for me...
I learned why there needs to be more warp threads in one tie up. The pictures below are proof why
It makes a very loose weave... good thing I only got this far because I am going to take it out and start all over again... This is so much fun... I love learning by my mistakes... How else can I learn except through them. This has by far been the best choice to learn weaving... I love it

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Weaving The New Way To Relax

Oh my I do love to weave! It is so relaxing... I love the repetitiveness of it all. I am still working on my sampler but should be done with it tomorrow and then I can start my towels. My heart is happy so happy.

Friday, June 10, 2016


I am still weaving my little heart away but I have to brag just a little. I was mentioned in the "Reno Fiber Guild's" blog for the beginning weaving class! I was pleasantly surprised as these kind of things don't happen to me.... 

I love this weavers winding companion and want one! Maybe I can make one with the scrap wood I have in the back yard... Hummm a new project on the horizon? maybe

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Beginning Weaving Part 3

Part three of my class is getting down to the fun part of creating... I have to say that this class has been one of the best I've ever taken. I fell in love with weaving as a child but never did anything about it until now. My heart is so excited it's like a little girl jumping up and down clapping her hands because she gets to go to Disney Land!
I love to work in a clean and organized place who doesn't... But in reality this is how I work lol things tossed everywhere. I think if I started to organize things I would get confused and lost lol
I wish I had remembered to take a beginning picture but I was so excited to start that I forgot. 
Look at this wonderful thing... I love it... such a wonderful job!... oh wait is that a mistake in my sampler? Oh well I will call it a birthmark and move on.
Taa Daa... And the crowd goes wild lol not really it's more like they are throwing popcorn at me telling me to be quite so that they can watch the show lol... Silly right... but that is just me!

This being the last class I was sad that it was over, all the wonderful people I met was great. The class was instructive, enlightening and worked at a speed that I could soak it all in. (even if I forgot to do my homework lol)

I am saving up my money to purchase my first floor loom and start weaving my little heart away. I find that EVERY step of the way was relaxing... I heard some say this or that was tedious but not for me. Each step is a process in creating and I love it (I hope I never get to a place where I am feeling any process is tedious).

I have a new boyfriend and love in my life his name is Weaving. When I got home that night I told my husband I have a new boyfriend in my life... he smiled at me and said good! lol He is so great I love that man more than anything... But now he is in a close competition lol just kidding...

Well now on to the beginning of many fun projects! A big shout out and thank you to the "Reno Fiber Guild" for such a successful class